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If time had done much for Joe, it had done more for his fellow-emigrant, Eddy Moore.
The effect of Eddy's suavity had been to make Mary forget the position in which she now stood to Joe.
Oh, Eddy,' she cried, impulsively, 'I'm frightened.
A carper might have said that Eddy was the least bit vague on the subject of the dear old days.
'Do you remember the old school, Eddy, and how you and I used to walk there together, you carrying my dinner-basket and helping me over the fences?'
'One other thing you must do, Eddy, to oblige me,' says Rosebud.
'And this most sensible of creatures likes the idea of being carried off to Egypt; does she, Eddy?'
my dear Eddy! But really, doesn't she hate boilers and things?'
'YOU'LL go wrong, you mean, Eddy. Don't be ungenerous.'
This eddy carried me about a league on my way back again, directly towards the island, but about two leagues more to the northward than the current which carried me away at first; so that when I came near the island, I found myself open to the northern shore of it, that is to say, the other end of the island, opposite to that which I went out from.
When I had made something more than a league of way by the help of this current or eddy, I found it was spent, and served me no further.
About four o'clock in the evening, being then within a league of the island, I found the point of the rocks which occasioned this disaster stretching out, as is described before, to the southward, and casting off the current more southerly, had, of course, made another eddy to the north; and this I found very strong, but not directly setting the way my course lay, which was due west, but almost full north.