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Do you remember the old school, Eddy, and how you and I used to walk there together, you carrying my dinner-basket and helping me over the fences?
Oh, Eddy,' she said, 'you don't know how nice it is to meet someone who remembers all about those old times
Two hours ago it would have seemed absurd to be frightened of Joe, but Eddy had brought it home to her again how completely she was dependent on her former serf's good-will.
I saw you and Eddy at Stephano's just now,' he said, between sentences of a letter which he was dictating.
If you have anything to say against Eddy, why don't you say it straight out?
Speaking in parables, I will observe that, if America was a monarchy instead of a republic and people here had titles, Eddy would be a certainty for first Earl of Pearl Street.
She still refused to believe that Eddy was not all that was chivalrous and noble, but her anger against Joe for his insinuations had given way to a feeling of regret that he should have made them.
She was soothed and happy, and kindly disposed to all men, and every day felt more strongly the necessity of convincing Joe and Eddy of each other's merits, or, rather, of convincing Joe, for Eddy, she admitted, always spoke most generously of the other.
I'm so sorry,' said Mary; 'I've just promised Eddy.
The subject of Eddy had not come up between them since that memorable conversation a week before, and she was uncertain of her ground.
When I had made something more than a league of way by the help of this current or eddy, I found it was spent, and served me no further.
About four o'clock in the evening, being then within a league of the island, I found the point of the rocks which occasioned this disaster stretching out, as is described before, to the southward, and casting off the current more southerly, had, of course, made another eddy to the north; and this I found very strong, but not directly setting the way my course lay, which was due west, but almost full north.