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Lang, Robert (2003), Edgeless Cities: Exploring the Elusive Metropolis, Washington, Brookings Institution Press.
These have been described by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in the Edgeless University (2009) as a perfect storm: "Rising demand, expectations and diversity are confronting a shortfall in funding.
The entry highlights some of the advances the Group had made over the past year in printing innovation, such as crepe, phosphorescent, solid printing, pearl reflection and edgeless techniques.
48) Dr Michael Wesch, Kansas State University, interview for Edgeless University research.
1) Edge cities, edgeless cities, exurbs, boomburbs, metroburbs, development corridors, and nodes represent a new phase in the history of the city.
or kept remembering to try, no matter how edgeless,
Its edgeless design minimizes tissue trauma while adhesive strips allow it to be easily attached to most retractors.
Edgeless Active Contours based on Perceptually Uniform Color Space for Natural Color Images Using Level
Bergsonian duree, on the other hand, is a fluid field of temporal instants that are not crystallized monads but edgeless moments sustaining the fiction of continuous time.
In a state that voted for 25 of the 27 last presidents, decided the 2004 election, and will be critical in 2008, Strickland proved the sort of edgeless candidate who compelled political journalists to profile .
and the edgeless half-yuks that follow are note-perfect.
covers of Robert Johnson songs by the edgeless likes of Haley Glennie-Smith and the Bees don't exactly radiate authenticity.