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Trenching edgers were simple devices, but required considerable effort to use.
With our edgers now, the boards now are being flipped manually, they are being optimized manually and being fed into the machine manually," says Melancon.
They believe it could help improve overall yield, recovery, consistency, and speed, yet previous research shows that only 10 percent have advanced scanning and optimizing technology, such as optimized edgers (1).
But, he told Edgers, "Sometimes, when I get my paycheck and I'm feeling guilty that my job's too easy, I just think, well, I did have to watch 'Bette' and 'The Geena Davis Show' this week.
The fly in the ointment with this model for us was its poor performance as an edger.
Although many optimizing edgers still aim to maximize volume, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of board quality and value, and consequently the use of grade-optimizing edgers is becoming more widespread.