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He is the indispensable playwright of the 20th century, standing perfectly, edgily, on the cusp of the print and media ages, the modern and the postmodern, the esoteric and the familiar.
When John Black was in the Paiela valley among the western Ipili, the 'Ipili were chanting i n the tents and the police edgily claimed that they were trying to put the camp asleep so they could attack it.
Edgily chic with a passion for high-concept Prada shoes ("ugly," says her mother), 47-year-old Sharon Katzman became a platinum blonde on a dare at age 24 and has never regretted it.
At a spot called Geysir, fellow tourists looked around edgily in case a quick exit might be required.
Though it recalls Haydn with its programmatic libretto and ambitious score for orchestra, chorus, and vocal soloists, its musical idiom is edgily contemporary Prickly tonalities bear the impress of late twentieth-century experimentalism.
The limber Ali (Giggi) Johnson edgily grooves his way through a concrete desert in Doug Aitken's video installation Electric Earth.
First, crime had made the city an edgily unsafe place, and police felt handcuffed and dispirited.
In Merrill's subsequent volumes, poems of art and ailment are variously focal or peripheral; they continue to be an important way Merrill enacts his edgily postmodern affirmations.
That doesn't matter," Van Camp said edgily, yet apparently it does.
Funny, sinister, edgily political, "Storytown" mocks a setting that is like the other side of the looking-glass, by seeing through the sleazy adult characters who use these disguises cynically.
What I do know is that short shorts by Kawabata and Buzzati and Calvino and Jayne Anne Phillips and Beattie seem packed very tightly, each comma as edgily placed as each word, each paragraph break as momentous a move as war.
and then she would have laughed edgily and looked at Matt Romano splashing through the sea until some presentiment of the hugeness of her risk made her shiver.