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We started well but we do have that edginess where, if we get the first goal, we will kick on and play better but, when it goes against us, it knocks us a little bit.
Then there's the witty seduction of Louis Verdad, the chic playfulness of Grant Kanjecki for Grey Ant, the gothic voluptuousness of Bao Tranchi, the charming edginess of Diane Moss Martin and Eric Martin for MartinMartin, the sleek refinement of Monah Li, the sexy elegance of Eduardo Lucero, the whimsical sophistication of Nony Tochterman for Petro Zillia, the romantic opulence of Cornell Collins, and the clever grace of Marina Toybina and Ashton Hirota for Glaza.
As a storyteller, one of Robinson's great strengths rests in his ability to realize the edginess inherent within situations, an edginess quite like what Mary Gaitskill achieves throughout Bad Behavior.
Good approach play often let down by wasteful finishing leading to frustration and edginess during the closing minutes.
But aside from its rapid growth, Al Jazeera's editorial edginess is its mark of distinction.
She creates a mesmerizing blend of serenity and edginess, despair and hope.
It still, in fact, retains an edginess that hints at its sordid past.
The sound quality is good, with plenty (but not an overbearing amount) of midbass energy and no trace of edginess in the treble regions.
Our challenge is maintaining the creative edginess that helped fuel innovation in the past.
There is a techno-chic edginess to Vellux that makes it a great fit for the fashion market," said Karen Deniz, vice president of marketing communications for Dyersburg.
But something had happened between the euphoria of Yalta and the edginess of Potsdam.
Sowell says that because of America's edginess about its own racial problems, Americans resist the very idea that certain groups have developed certain skills or filled certain niches around the world.