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99 each, from Ikea, inset; and Ecoease budget-price secondary window glazing, pounds 43 per square metre, plus pounds 4 a metre for the magnetic edging strip
The BSS-MOV arbor moves the rightmost blade to the edge of the board if an edging strip narrower than a specified minimum would be generated.
ROLL OUT THE RUG We added a natural touch by installing a huge sisal rug with a healthy 8in gap all around and a blue edging strip to tie in with our colour scheme.
A IT'S best if you lay an edging strip right at the beginning, rather than just relying on trimming and neatening the turf as the lawn grows - this will save a lot of time and effort later on.
Scope of Work:: Earthwork: 132 mA of excavated soil,: 115 mA of excavation base course material,: Landscape work: 60 m frames made of natural stone edges (100 x 25 x 8 cm): 138 meters of steel edging strip (100 x 8 mm): 1150 mA waterborne routes ceiling: 20 m layer of crushed stone,: Fencing: Prev 1 piece Swing, install 2flE-gelig opening width, 7,200 mm: Prev 1 piece Swing, install 2flE-gelig opening width, 3,500 mm: 35 m install Prev bar fencing: Drainage work: 67 m paving stone trough,: 5 pcs trash boxes: Topsoil work: 240 sqm lawn and sowing: Commencement: 12/08/2013 (without delay but no later than 10 business days after placing the order): Completion main benefits: 01/11/2013 (except for damage repair to the end of October 2014).
We swapped the lower fittings for ceilingflush lights and replaced the centre fitting with a black chandelier to complement the grey decor, black handrail and carpet edging strip.
Remove the melamine edging strip round the edges of the doors and drawers, and plane off 2cm round all the edges, then lightly sand.
A LOOK out in your DIY store for a flexible, plastic edging strip made by Homel.
6 The edging strip is then applied over the length of the junction between the wall and floor, allowing for a 75mm overlap on the corner.
The pavers sit against the sidewalk and are held in place with a heavy-duty plastic edging strip.