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99 each, from Ikea, inset; and Ecoease budget-price secondary window glazing, pounds 43 per square metre, plus pounds 4 a metre for the magnetic edging strip
A movable outer blade version of this arbor moves the rightmost blade to the edge of the board if an edging strip narrower than a specified minimum would be generated.
Vinyl edging strip is also available for flexible ramping of the perimeter.
Scope of Work:: Earthwork: 132 mA of excavated soil,: 115 mA of excavation base course material,: Landscape work: 60 m frames made of natural stone edges (100 x 25 x 8 cm): 138 meters of steel edging strip (100 x 8 mm): 1150 mA waterborne routes ceiling: 20 m layer of crushed stone,: Fencing: Prev 1 piece Swing, install 2flE-gelig opening width, 7,200 mm: Prev 1 piece Swing, install 2flE-gelig opening width, 3,500 mm: 35 m install Prev bar fencing: Drainage work: 67 m paving stone trough,: 5 pcs trash boxes: Topsoil work: 240 sqm lawn and sowing: Commencement: 12/08/2013 (without delay but no later than 10 business days after placing the order): Completion main benefits: 01/11/2013 (except for damage repair to the end of October 2014).
com) offer a make-up service which means you can take your choice of carpet and edging strip and marry them to create individual results.
BATHTIME BLUES: White rectanguar tiles are teamed with a wooden edging strip for a simple look
ROLL OUT THE RUG We added a natural touch by installing a huge sisal rug with a healthy 8in gap all around and a blue edging strip to tie in with our colour scheme.