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Yes," said I, edging him a little away with my shoulder.
The triple edging of black velvet strips--her mother's hands had sewn the stitches.
Before they knew what had come over them, the base runners were watching the man, edging off the bases, advancing, retreating, held as by an invisible cord.
We'll talk of it again-- I'm in a hurry now," and, edging himself through the door, he slipped away.
He was edging his way gingerly around the corner of a precipice where the upper edge of a sharp declivity of ice-glazed snow joined it.
Now all this while that the traitor told his tale Umslopogaas, inch by inch, was edging near to him and yet nearer, till at length he might have touched him with an outstretched spear.
They were all now inside the field, and she was edging back to rush off alone when a horseman emerged almost silently from the corner of the hedge that screened the road, and Alec d'Urberville looked round upon them.
The old fellow was polishing brasses, and as he came edging along until close to Clayton he said, in an undertone:
One of the younger apes, a huge, splendidly muscled brute, was edging threateningly closer to the ape-man.
Their casual edging across the sidewalk to the curb, as they drew near, apprised him of discovery.
I've been trying to imagine it all out--her edging a little nearer all the time until she was quite close to Him; and then He would look at her and put His hand on her hair and oh, such a thrill of joy as would run over her
We've asked for wooden edgings to be placed around the graves, about two or three inches, but our requests have been ignored.