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Lastly, I asked about published books that are edgy, but don't necessarily cross the line, and even open up discussions about difficult topics.
45pm) DANIEL CRAIG gives James Bond a new lease of life with this edgy, breathtaking entry in the franchise.
Among the top 3 edgy looks that she sported at the premiere events, which one do you think suited best her personality?
The works are for sale, and Edgy expressed his preference to see the collection kept as a whole.
Edgy has been into painting for over 15 years but showcasing his works at private functions.
I think that they are within bounds for an edgy fashion magazine published by The New York Times," he said.
The Candorville strip does not shy from edgy dialogue or equal jabs at modern social problems, governmental failings, and excessive political correctness.
Does the iPod actually make it too easy to find hip, edgy tracks that no one without a nose stud has ever heard of?
But these six international offerings--many well-traveled on the film festival circuit--are a strong lot overall, often poignant, edgy, and artful.
He would keep it away from being too soft, because he's just kind of an edgy guy.
I looked at them against Australia this year and they were edgy.
A longtime reader of Bellow, I had always been edgy about his blatant misogyny, well-documented by Cusac.