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There is nothing of Elronaq's quality in this line-up and Edification has the ability to overcome a wide draw in stall 13.
Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Oumar reaffirmed the Sahrawi people s determination to continue their fight for the edification of their independent and sovereign State.
On other occasions I have entered the pulpit ashamed of that which I would offer up for the edification of the gathered flock only to discover that this shabby effort managed to serve as an instrument of comfort and hope for someone in desperate need.
For some virtual spiritual edification, there's always the Kotel Cam, which takes a live look in on the Old City in Jerusalem from various angles anytime of day.
In a communiquiAAA' published on the website of the Defence Ministry, the Army chief was quoted to have said: aACoePut an end without conditions to your sit-in to allow for the pumping of oil towards the terminals and the ports and the resumption of the economy that is necessary for the edification of the State.
Especially when the commentary pages are so often infested with diatribe from upper-crust suburbanites in their jealousy of convenience, extolling idealistic and do-nothing regimes, elucidation from our writers provides a welcome balance for all readers' edification.
Eileen Edwina Hazard (University of Bridgeport), 50, valued edification.
To this end, the book is heavy on philosophical explication and even scientific edification in the form of, say, neuroscience backing up traditional claims about meditation's benefits.
The campaign teaches women patients the Islamic rules related to patients, such as prayer and ablution of patients and promote social solidarity and compassion among community," said Aisha Al Kash, Head of Edification and Religious Guidance Department.
After all, the grouse have a good life, and are carefully bred and nurtured, the only catch being ultimately having their heads blown off for the edification of their brave assailants possessing only the advantage of a twelve-bore.
I applaud MOTHER for publishing solid, scientific information for the edification of open-minded readers, knowing the stink it would raise among many.
He still runs the Family Radio program for the edification of the believers who are already saved, he said.