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Une fois qu'une sculpture est taillee dans la pierre des edifices du Parlement de notre pays, elle y reste.
MCCLUSKEY " Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: "This is the first crack in the edifice of post-election Tory economic triumphalism.
Meanwhile, environmental activists have opposed the construction of the 182- metre Statue of Unity, billed as the largest such edifice in the world that dwarfs the Statue of Liberty among others, pointing out that the Centre and the state government are going ahead without
Edifice provides cloud-based supply chain performance solutions to more than 500 customers worldwide.
This synagogue is visited occasionally only by members of the Jewish community who come to meditate to the memory of their ancestor "Yosef el Maarabi" buried, according to them, in this edifice, the same sources underlined.
Edifice Complexes can spur new growth--or they can bury an arts group, if it's not careful, under a mountain of debt.
Fahd bin Ahmed Al-Shaalan has stressed the College's keenness on being a security and an academic edifice for various sectors of the state dealing with security issues, in implementation of the directives of Prince Naif Ibn Abdulaziz, Second Deputy Premier and Minister of interior, and his Deputy and Assistant for Security affairs.
As the title character treks through the edifices of his life--"from the schoolhouse to the prisonhouse to the poorhouse to the madhouse to the sick-house" (46)--he finds each edifice, like "the flesh itself," "an edifice in ruin" (44).
THE National Action Charter edifice is a reflection of Bahrain's success story, His Majesty King Hamad said yesterday.
Halsall's Victor Hugo et l'art de convaincre-Montreal: Editions de Balzac, 1995) to recast these borrowings as an attempt to retrieve the memory of an edifice through apomnemoneusis: the practice of using citations to confirm authenticity in literary description (p.
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation that has taken over responsibility for the edifice is considering a proposal to cut up portions of the staircase--which currently sits in the footprint of Tower 2--and incorporate several stairs, or the treads, into the new building.