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If there is an abrupt stop in the spewing of volcanic materials but monitoring instruments read an increasing activity such as inflation of the edifice and volcanic quakes, there is a high possibility of a "big bang" as this would mean that something is blocking the outlet of the volcano.
On the other hand, John Cornwell, founder and CEO of Edifice, said that being part of SPS, the company as well as its customers would benefit from a broader range of on-demand supply chain services, which would allow them to increase sales, optimise inventory and cut supply chain costs.
This synagogue is visited occasionally only by members of the Jewish community who come to meditate to the memory of their ancestor "Yosef el Maarabi" buried, according to them, in this edifice, the same sources underlined.
Edifice Complexes can spur new growth--or they can bury an arts group, if it's not careful, under a mountain of debt.
Fahd bin Ahmed Al-Shaalan has stressed the College's keenness on being a security and an academic edifice for various sectors of the state dealing with security issues, in implementation of the directives of Prince Naif Ibn Abdulaziz, Second Deputy Premier and Minister of interior, and his Deputy and Assistant for Security affairs.
As the title character treks through the edifices of his life--"from the schoolhouse to the prisonhouse to the poorhouse to the madhouse to the sick-house" (46)--he finds each edifice, like "the flesh itself," "an edifice in ruin" (44).
It is a token of continuous comprehensive reform in political, economic, educational and health fields and an incentive for ministries and establishments to map out their policies accordingly, he said as he inaugurated the edifice at Sakhir Palace marking the charter's ninth anniversary.
Afin de souligner l'ouverture du nouvel edifice de la Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec (BNQ) au centre-ville de Montreal, la revue Documentation et bibliotheques propose a ses lecteurs un numero special consacre exclusivement a cet evenement de grande importance dans le milieu bibliotheconomique quebecois.
Inco committed $13 million toward the capital cost of the glass and steel edifice at Memorial and will provide $1 million annually for the first seven years of operation.
Tyneside will host some of the world's leading technology companies tomorrow with the arrival of the 95th Edifice Plenary conference in Newcastle.