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Edify Partners, such as Verizon, also see the benefits of advancements in voice and speech technology, "Verizon's priority is helping enterprise business customers significantly improve customer service and lower telephony infrastructure costs related to speech-based operations," said Julie Burroughs, director of market solutions, call center services at Verizon.
For more than a decade, Edify has helped more than 2,000 organizations worldwide manage millions of customer interactions each day and optimize their customer service.
Within its Developer Network, Edify also provides free access to EVA, the open-source version of its virtual auto attendant.
"We were very familiar with the Edify open, standards-based architecture.
The Whitsunday Solar farm is a joint initiative of Australian renewable energy company Edify Energy and its German investor, Wirsol, Mr Bailey said.
With its powerful application development environment, natural language expertise and thirteen years' experience in developing and deploying speech solutions, Edify is well positioned to offer packaged speech applications for the Speech Server and to enable business users to develop and customize SALT based applications as they do today on Edify's open platform.
The project was one of two from Edify Energy / Solar Choice to make ARENAs shortlist of 22 high merit projects from an initial 77 applicants.
"Using Edify's flexible, software-only Interactive Voice Response solution, VOCI brings voice-enabled e-commerce to Nova Scotia Power," commented Joseph G.
Edify's core product, Edify 8, is a comprehensive multi-channel platform including CRM applications and infrastructure components that automate, assist, and analyze customer interaction across all touch-points and for all modes of communication including voice, wireless, and Web self-service, email and multi-media contact centers.
Edify Corporation, a supplier of enterprise-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, recently released Edify Enterprise 8.0.
Art, they say, when it throws open the floodgates of contamination--when it flaunts "base" instincts, in effect legitimizing them--is robbed of its capacity to edify and becomes something to be feared.
To tie the two together and help keep the customers satisfied (no matter the channel they are using), Edify has released version 7.2 of its Electronic Workforce platform.