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John Cole, CEO of Edify Energy which is also developing a further two 57.
Anyone that has a laptop, desktop computer or mobile device can be on Edify, delivering live one-on-one video sessions, pre-paid by the client.
Edify Multimedia Group is known for its work in corporate video, live webcasting, and television commercial production.
The firm said that Edify teaches and reinforces the essential elements required to deliver superior job performance by becoming a part of the employee daily routine.
Howard Gruverman, CEO and principal of EDIFY, Carlos Castresana, president and principal of EDIFY, and their team will join Wells Fargo Insurance Services and continue to serve their clients at their current locations.
The Edify Voice Interaction Platform (EVIP) offers organizations a choice of development and deployment options for automated voice and speech solutions that leverage their existing IT investments while enabling them to take advantage of emerging technologies and standards including VoiceXML and SALT.
Edify was also a fast growing company but one that was also finding profitably difficul t to attain.
Edify Energy will have four renewable energy projects under development in Queensland, delivering more than 300MW of renewable energy to the state, Mr Pitt said.
Edify made the decision to attend the 2016 ASU-GSV Summit, http://asugsvsummit.
This advanced speech application is available standalone, known as Edify Voice Banking 2.
Built on the Edifys Voice Interaction Platform (EVIP), the solution is intended to drive down operation costs for businesses while increasing customer satisfaction by lowering call times by more than 50 percent.
The California-based customer interaction systems developer Edify Corp has signed a partnership agreement with SpeechWorks International Inc, a provider of speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies.