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Topsy was cited, and had up before all the domestic judicatories, time and again; but always sustained her examinations with most edifying innocence and gravity of appearance.
A most edifying representative I shall make of all the domestic virtues -- don't you think so?
Rorty's contrast between systematic philosophy and edifying philosophy is introduced here; it is the crucial distinction in Dann's position.
For while it's undoubtedly compelling to watch a stranger undergo a thoroughgoing meltdown from the comfort of one's own living room, it's not exactly edifying as presented here.
The juiciest and most edifying dances were those that Belilove performed.
There is such edifying reading month after month that I scarcely find time to adequately respond and thank you.
With his insider perspective, engagingly homey style, and attention to the personal stories of those involved, Moats creates an invaluable and edifying case study n a war that has now spread nationwide.
Chapter 2 argues that Margaret Beaufort helped bring into existence the idea that reading, translating, owning books, and supporting the production of books "were spiritually and intellectually edifying actions" (112).
The reader receives a front and center view of Blair's simmering bulimia and Nate's marijuana addiction gets addressed, but not in any way a parent would find edifying.
Together, these cards and their texts constitute a chain of moral or edifying phrases, and reading them requires the spectator to move physically along the length of the cabinet (about eighteen fe et).