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An Edit Express editor will check the grammar, spelling, syntax, consistency, and format of your document.
With the nondestructive editing feature, edits can be undone.
Give the edit command and the 8mm tape shuttles to the appropriate point, starts the copy, pauses the copy, shuttles to the next point and so on, all with seamless transitions.
Documents To Go Premium Edition for Palm OS is an award-winning mobile Office suite that allows users to open, view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on a Palm OS handheld or smartphone.
It also offers professional photographers a complete range of advanced image editing tools that give them unprecedented control as they edit their images -- all at a much more affordable price than comparable products.
Peachpit today announced Edit Well, the PDF rich media newsletter about Final Cut(R) Studio, featuring audio interviews, video tutorials, and industry expert articles and columns.