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If the teacher ends the edit mode, it is important to confirm the "Deactivate edit mode" button.
I found no statistically significant association between primary edit mode (whether electronic or paper based) and these variables: gender, age group, type of industry, type of document, and type of editing.
Editing Menu options As mentioned above, you access the database Edit mode from the main menu by selecting the Edit option.
It seems that, having received the CR generated by the terminal handler, the editor interpreted my CR as a request to return from input mode to edit mode.
If you leave the file in Edit mode on the iPad, the desktop version of Excel will offer to open the workbook in read-only mode until the iPad closes the workbook.
Move icon to another page in home and application edit mode.
Merging has been made easier via the 'more actions' panel, and all changes are now saved automatically rather than requiring you to enter an edit mode.