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If I'm to be editor you'll all have to be sub-editors, and have charge of a department."
"And if it is published I'll send that American editor a marked copy.
The rejection slip was so tactfully worded that he felt kindly toward the editor. But he did not feel so kindly toward the editor of the SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER.
`I say,' said the Editor hilariously, `these chaps here say you have been travelling into the middle of next week!
She feared changes, and who could tell that the editor would continue to be kind?
"They say that things were uncommonly quiet out there," the editor said, trifling with a paper-weight upon which he had dropped his eyes, "did anything occur?"
Not even yet, however, does the average critic recognize this, and such lesson as the "Editor's Study" assumed to teach remains here in all its essentials for his improvement.
"Great and good friend," said the Editor, blandly, looking up from his work, "we are far asunder, it seems.
Blockhead-Hans became King, got a wife and a crown, and sat on the throne; and this we have still damp from the newspaper of the editor and the reporters--and they are not to be believed for a moment.
The emphasis on the history of thought also seemed to me very timely; and the number of important works promised for the Library in the very near future augur well for the continued fulfilment, in this and other ways, of the expectations of the original editor.
Moreover he had received at breakfast a letter from the editor of a monthly magazine accepting a short story.
'Believe me,' returned the editor, 'that alternative was not open to me.