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Felix will edit the jokes and the Information Bureau, and Cecily must be fashion editor.
We will, if you'll be fiction and poetry editor," I said.
And if it is published I'll send that American editor a marked copy.
Out came the sunset; but in spite of this heroic mutilation the editor of the Canadian Woman sent Averil's Atonement back so promptly that the indignant Diana declared that it couldn't have been read at all, and vowed she was going to stop her subscription immediately.
Great and good friend," said the Editor, blandly, looking up from his work, "we are far asunder, it seems.
The Editor filled a glass of champagne, and pushed it towards him.
Then, 'Remarkable Behaviour of an Eminent Scientist,' I heard the Editor say, thinking (after his wont) in headlines.
She feared changes, and who could tell that the editor would continue to be kind?
You don't understand that what imposes on common folk would never hoodwink an editor.
The emphasis on the history of thought also seemed to me very timely; and the number of important works promised for the Library in the very near future augur well for the continued fulfilment, in this and other ways, of the expectations of the original editor.
It has been well observed that when a writer has a story rejected he should send that story to another editor, but that when he has one accepted he should send another story to that editor.
Believe me,' returned the editor, 'that alternative was not open to me.