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In and out of mental retardation: Essays on educability, disability and human policy.
Beyond the question of who will profit from the education of `coloured people' lies the matter of their educability.
This was significantly influenced by pioneering behavioral research that challenged myths regarding the educability of persons with mental retardation.
Each chapter discusses a particular print genre that negatively constructed women's educability and the feminist responses.
But this does not suffice as an explanation of Hippocrates' superior educability.
117) seems dead wrong, since Caliban protests vigorously at whatever he has to endure under the gaberdine, an action which presages his possible educability.
Wilbur who in the mid-nineteenth century espoused, for a time at least, the educability and even curability of idiocy within specialized institutions.
A careful reading of Rabbi Bleich's article (Contemporary Halakhic Problems 2:368, cited by Hauptman) reveals that those authorities who recognize that a deaf-mute who is educated and capable of communicating is not considered a heresh do so because they accept that the status of a heresh is related to educability or functionality.