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Pizarro P (1990) Reliability of health related fitness test for mainstreamed educable and trainable mentally handicapped adolescents.
b) LD = Learning disability, ID = Intellectual disability, BD = Behavior disorder, OHI = Other health impairment, MR = Mental retardation, ComD = Communication disorder, NR = Not reported, NI = Not indicated, ADD = Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, MMR = Mild mental retardation, EMR = Educable mentally retarded ND = Nondisabled, ED = Emotional disabilities.
The racially-mixed Pedro Miguel, by virtue of his mother's whiteness, is intelligent and educable.
Specific to particular controversies--such as the vestarian debates, or issues of illegitimacy and marriage--tales of monstrous births "were framed to substantiate the truth of controversial claims and to tell stories that sought to find not just curious readers but educable ones" (11).
On the one hand, they argued that blacks were educable, though degraded by slavery.
The suit was initially dismissed by the trial court for failure to state a claim; (215) however, the New Hampshire Supreme Court overturned the dismissal and held that the State had a constitutionally-imposed duty to provide an adequate education to all educable citizens.
Underlying even the texts defending women's education, however, was a certain ambivalence about the role of women in society: if women were indeed deemed educable (by no means a foregone conclusion), the question still remained of what the purpose of this education should be, and by what means it should be attained.
Human beings are born, after a lengthy period of gestation, immature and educable.
Their belief that Indians were educable led them to found schools (the Casa del Estudiante Indigena, and Moises Saenz's educational station at Carapan, Michoacan) meant to serve racially "pure" Indians and thus demonstrate the viability of cultural assimilation.
We must have teachers who believe in our children, who believe that every child is educable.
Three participants were identified as educable mentally disabled with an IQ range of 65-70.
Every child learns differently and develops differently; however, all are educable.