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The main motive behind our programme is to educate a girl because it is said that when you educate the girls, you empower the nation.
Daily News Egypt met with the PR manager of Educate Me, Aya Yasser, to discuss what changes the organisation is seeking to implement in its schools in order to shake the foundations of education in Egypt--exemplified through classroom curriculum.
Educate internal audiences about this novel product and provide them with the information and tools to fully support it in the marketplace.
Put your RIA goals in writing, develop a program to educate your firm's leadership about your efforts, and ask them to read and sign off on your documented goals.
7) The CSC offers a 10-month curriculum of graduate-level rigor to educate officers in various aspects of the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of war.
Athletic directors should also educate high school athletes about the legal consequences of steroid possession.
For example, a 2002 article "Flaws in Home Schooling Exposed" in the Independent Journal portrayed an especially awful situation of child abuse, polygamy and murder, and then cited freedom to home educate as a major contributing factor in the case.
We educate our people with monthly in-depth seminars on everything ranging from cold calling to real estate software to finance to accounting to construction," said Jim Buslik, a principal at Adams & Company.
to help educate the public about recovery steps to take following a disaster.
One example of this is the Current Affairs Panel, an outreach program involving students from the Army War College (AWC), which visits colleges and universities to help educate students on national security and public policy issues.
They are more likely to avoid diseases and to educate their own children.