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Say that you wish to live for the sake of your children--you want to bring them up and educate them--will you take them into Thessaly and deprive them of Athenian citizenship?
How, covered by this confusion, Sacharissa educated certain young bees to educate certain new-born bees in the almost lost art of making Royal Jelly.
How the Divil - yes, he's the man I mean -can a street-beggar raise money to educate white boys?
I have lived on workman's wages, years and years, and beyond a certain point have had to educate myself.
To educate the wise man the State exists, and with the appearance of the wise man the State expires.
Our readers will think, no doubt, that he would say to himself: 'P-- showered benefits upon me all my life; he spent tens of thousands of roubles to educate me, to provide me with governesses, and to keep me under treatment in Switzerland.
But we shall educate them-- we shall bring them on, you know.
A busy age will hardly educate its writers in correctness.
Thanks to my having had daughters to educate, I have not forgotten my accomplishments.
I do my duty as the Poor Man's Friend and Father; and I endeavour to educate his mind, by inculcating on all occasions the one great moral lesson which that class requires.
I have already stated, among the other branches of human attainment which I acquired at the public school, that I learned to draw caricatures of the masters who were so obliging as to educate me.
I followed you back to the school; and, on pretense of having a daughter to educate, I got one of Miss Ladd's prospectuses from the porter at the lodge gate.