educate oneself

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0x20Some Canadians admit that factors like not having enough time to educate oneself (15%), having too many choices (14%) or feeling like investing requires too many steps (9%) were among the obstacles investors faced when deciding on which fund to choose.
While there may be concern by the patient or family that alternative therapies may be appropriate, it is very difficult to educate oneself about medical alternatives when cancer is first diagnosed.
The only way one can educate oneself about art is to see it.
It's so difficult to actually educate oneself under these prison regulations.
After a failed marriage and subsequent divorce, and at the urging of her parents, Satrapi concludes that in order to be free, she must ultimately leave Iran, a decision stemming from two very well-learned lessons: that one must educate oneself and that freedom has a price.
In other words, one can "defy" age categorization by doing things not usually expected nor identified with growing old--for example, playing basketball in one's 50's with young adults or continuing to work, travel, or educate oneself, volunteering, etc.
It seems wise to educate oneself as much as possible about AD/HD and consider a variety of options such as those referenced as well as behavioral shaping programs.
I AM pleased for your correspondent ( Letters,December 19) who has gained entry to Oxford University at a venerable age,but I would like to point out that it is possible to educate oneself -which I did after university.
It is important that leaders provide strong levels of communication to move to agreement, relationship building, and to educate oneself.
Anything that is a mystery, or an area of uncertainty, is, in fact, an opportunity to educate oneself.