educate oneself

See: study
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For the average pediatrician, one of the first things one could do is educate oneself on the topic," she explained.
Proving that age is never an hindrance to still educate oneself in school, she was able to earn her college degree early this year at age 39.
When it comes to what to create Hassan feels he can never put enough emphasis on the need to learn and educate oneself.
taking the initiative to educate oneself continuously.
The key here is to educate oneself on the capacities of the current systems, how change can be accommodated within or without the current understandings, etc.
There are many reputed software providers who not only provide efficient software for all the activities but also provide software to self educate oneself on the ways to grow one's business and make it a resounding success.
While there may be concern by the patient or family that alternative therapies may be appropriate, it is very difficult to educate oneself about medical alternatives when cancer is first diagnosed.
The only way one can educate oneself about art is to see it.
It's an intriguing was to educate oneself about the mortgage crisis, even if you don't know all that much about it to begin with.
It's so difficult to actually educate oneself under these prison regulations.