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AM: How do you educate growers about products and environmental stewardship?
There can be a great disparity between what someone thinks it costs to educate their child and what other people think it costs to educate their child.
Through the drink smart[R] responsibility platform, Beam Global educates consumers on how to make responsible decisions about alcohol and reminds them of four basic principles: 1) if you're under 21, don't drink; 2) if you're of legal purchase age and choose to drink, do so in moderation; 3) never drive drunk and 4) if you can't drink responsibly - don't drink at all.
The result: The district must change the way it educates all of its 65,000 special education students.
Through its leadership development and academic enrichment programs, Global Kids educates youth about critical international and domestic issues and promotes their engagement in civic life and the democratic process.
Norman educates children on how to make the important connection between what they eat and how they think and feel.
This is the only school-based initiative of its kind in Massachusetts that educates youth about philanthropy and empowers them in the grant-making process.
Only website that educates consumers on all things rechargeable; offers one-stop source for information and supply of world-class rechargeable batteries, chargers and accessories
In addition, EEEC helps educate business owners on California's employment laws and their responsibilities, and educates employees on their rights as workers.
The Citigroup Foundation is pleased to extend our relationship with Junior Achievement to become the signature supporter of Banks in Action, a program that educates and challenges young people to become better citizens and consumers," said Chip Raymond, President of the Citigroup Foundation.
Now in its second year, the program educates firefighters and their communities about the risks of heart attacks and other heart-related dangers.
Developed by Chicago-based Rightfield Solutions, LLC, Emmi(TM), Expectation Management and Medical Information, is a risk management tool that provides patients with a series of interactive, Internet-based patient education programs to provide an electronic informed consent tool that not only educates, but documents patient review of important materials.