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The updated drink smart[R] website serves to educate legal purchase age adults who choose to drink about doing so responsibly, by providing them with useful information and tips on how to drink responsibly.
With its lesson plans, Ayiti: The Cost of Life, can educate players about poverty and its effects on education in general around the world, as well as about the effects of poverty on education in Haiti.
As part of the fall educational campaign, Produce for Kids has also partnered with Nickelodeon, the number-one brand for kids, to educate children and their parents on the benefits of eating healthy.
We believe that schools and families have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to work together to educate young people about the value of philanthropy, and to help them understand the needs and resources that exist in their own communities.
Drawing on that collective experience, the site aims to educate consumers about rechargeable products and provide them with access to the best products, backed up with the "best warranties on the Web": at least three years of usable life on most NiMH products and chargers, and two years on digital camera battery packs and specialty batteries.
EEEC also holds workshops throughout the state to educate employers and workers on labor and wage issues.
This ever-growing resource educates visitors to the site on everything from matching fine, bottled waters with food, the proper stemware or the right temperature for bottled water.
Developed by Chicago-based Rightfield Solutions, LLC, Emmi(TM), Expectation Management and Medical Information, is a risk management tool that provides patients with a series of interactive, Internet-based patient education programs to provide an electronic informed consent tool that not only educates, but documents patient review of important materials.
The "Poop is the Scoop" campaign educates viewers about prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer with great sensitivity and humor through the use of precocious children talking to their parents in a cute, yet informative manner.