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Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said she wanted to see support for parents home educating their children, including help with exam registrations, the same health offers made to children in school, access to Wales' digital learning platform Hwb, opportunities for home-educating families to learn Welsh and support from Careers Wales.
But in states that require parents to submit paperwork to the public school district "proving" they are educating their children, these types of laws would add one or more years of compelled attendance (even in the home) and additional paperwork.
For example, the claim that yearly standardized testing is the key to improvement in educating our youngsters.
We don't want one dimensional people and this program addresses that by educating the participants in almost everything we do.
Nothing can be more important than educating fiduciaries in their critical responsibility in the protection of employee benefit plans," said AICPA President and CEO Barry Melancon.
For some, this may beg the question of how one goes about educating the public without crossing the line into government propaganda--but such instruction does not inherently require a monolithic program orchestrated by the Federal Government.
Locke, deeply suspicious of the state, placed the responsibility for educating children with their parents.
The Salesians have instituted a plan to combat alcoholism and illiteracy, and are working in educating the children.
According to state law, districts are required to cover 75 percent of a charter school's expenses for educating a student.
Whites resented paying taxes for educating black children even though twice as much money was spent on each white child.
By educating prisoners, we turn costly freeloaders into tax-paying citizens.

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