educational knowledge

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Also part of the program is an annual sports medicine summit held in Abu Dhabi allowing educational knowledge transfer to community physicians and physiotherapists across the UAE and the region.
I here propose to examine the neural processes underlying these reinstatement and integration processes during learning of educationally relevant information and explore how actively controlling them can benefit educational knowledge building.
The award, in its second edition, aims to enhance the movement of research activity and the production of educational knowledge, improving educational practices and educational policies.
Impact of educational knowledge, agricultural practices, and community actions for mosquito control and mosquito-borne disease prevention in rice ecosystems in Srilanka.
Painting pointers and art-oriented language speak to the artistic and educational knowledge, brushes of the editorial team producing this work.
That's because of the successful educational knowledge imparted by Birch members to their friends and neighbors.
Looking for an efficient way to address educational knowledge gaps?
Dr Jean B Hache from the Universite de Montreal, Canada, told The Express Tribune that such conferences produce educational knowledge which is important for developing the educational system, saying, "Children's education can improve with good knowledge, which comes with research.
Camp activities are designed to incorporate riding skills, creative arts and educational knowledge of animals.
Selectees will be invited to participate in a 12-week summer program to gain knowledge of specific cyber-related topics and apply educational knowledge to address various real world mission-related technical challenges.
This year the theme of African EduWeek is 'Enter a world of educational knowledge,'" adds Tanya, "and we invite all teachers to join us for more than a hundred hours of free-to-attend EduTheatre sessions and teacher training workshops - focused on the daily challenges and topical developments that they face in their basic and higher education classrooms.
2) The stated purpose of the Series is to provide "a comprehensive account of the transformation of educational knowledge since 1960, based on rich, first-person accounts of the process by its acknowledged leaders.
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