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People in general are not sufficiently aware of how great the responsibility of education has been for this crisis, nor have educationalists really faced the disconcerting fact that the more education has advanced, the more secularized has modem civilization become:
Whereas evolutionism did have a substantial impact on Dutch science and on liberal and social-democratic political theory, [28] educationalists also continued to prefer reformist optimism to Darwinian pessimism when it came to possibilities of molding a child's character.
The old college, then at Holly Bank Road in Lindley, was established by innovative educationalist Alexander MacLennan in 1948.
KARACHI -- The 7th Annual United Nations Conference on Teaching Peace and Human Rights in a multi-cultural world formally concluded on Friday with renowned educationalist and Chairperson International Schools Educational Olympiad and Principal Karachi High School, Parveen Qasim, winning the Global Educator's award.
The use of modern technology in education has become the top cause of dropouts," an educationalist, who did not want not to be named, told Arab News.
THE Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam last night honoured UAE-based educationalist Sunny Varkey as the Outstanding Education Leader of the Middle East.
The successful candidate will ideally be an outstanding educationalist, with a proven record of leadership at board or CEO level, who has a deep interest in standards in education, assessment, or qualifications.
Fritz Sundermeier, a visionary educationalist who had run schools in Tehran and Tokyo, conceived the idea of a multicultural ecological school as a catalyst for redevelopment.
The British Humanist Association has just announce the 2013 James Hemming Essay Prize, named in honour of educationalist Dr James Hemming (1909-2007).
The participants including poets, scholars, writers, journalists, educationalist etc offered Fateha for the deprived soul.
It's quite ironic really, because Bertie is actually a failed show dog, who comes from a long line of supreme champions but didn't make the grade himself and yet he could be going to Crufts for the work he does for Pets As Therapy," said his proud owner, retired educationalist Mary Oliver of Glan Conwy.
of Copenhagen) describes the life of the internationally renowned Danish gymnastic educationalist Bukh (1880-1950) and his pioneering masculine aesthetic.

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