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The awards are presented annually to educationalists who make a meaningful difference to the student and teaching community.
People in general are not sufficiently aware of how great the responsibility of education has been for this crisis, nor have educationalists really faced the disconcerting fact that the more education has advanced, the more secularized has modem civilization become:
Whereas evolutionism did have a substantial impact on Dutch science and on liberal and social-democratic political theory, [28] educationalists also continued to prefer reformist optimism to Darwinian pessimism when it came to possibilities of molding a child's character.
The education world has lost a highly talented and inspirational educationalist who consistently placed the individual child first and foremost in his priorities and the priorities of his school.
The use of modern technology in education has become the top cause of dropouts," an educationalist, who did not want not to be named, told Arab News.
THE Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam last night honoured UAE-based educationalist Sunny Varkey as the Outstanding Education Leader of the Middle East.
They said that we were grieved to learn about the demise of renowned educationalist and spiritual personality Apa Mariam Nohani.
We should trust the educationalist to do their job and expect the politicians to provide the best resources possible, so that the potential of our young people can be realized.
The Brian Jackson Centre, named after educationalist Brian Jackson, was to house a child-minding programme, a project with Chinese children, a headquarters for the innovative Playbus scheme and help for Asian families.
The successful candidate will ideally be an outstanding educationalist, with a proven record of leadership at board or CEO level, who has a deep interest in standards in education, assessment, or qualifications.
of Copenhagen) describes the life of the internationally renowned Danish gymnastic educationalist Bukh (1880-1950) and his pioneering masculine aesthetic.
Fritz Sundermeier, a visionary educationalist who had run schools in Tehran and Tokyo, conceived the idea of a multicultural ecological school as a catalyst for redevelopment.

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