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Ramzan Junejo, an educationalist, urged parents to put pressure on high-ups if their children were not given their due right to education.
In order to do this, there does need to be a range of establishments to offer these opportunities, and politicians with educationalists need to agree and decide the ways forward.
This is a job for educationalists not for bureaucrats and statisticians.
21 (SUNA)- A number of veteran educationalists were honored by the end of the National Education Conference Tuesday in the presence of the First Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, the Walis (governors) of the states, the Ministers of Education of the states, representatives of friendly and sister countries and the Ministers of Education of South Sudan State and Chad.
The event is a great platform for educationalists because it offers everything from the latest ICT and e-learning solutions and lab equipment to interactive technologies, sport equipment and other educational supplies.
World Shakespeare festival director Deborah Shaw says: "Four years ago, we began conversations with artists, producers, educationalists and curators from across the UK and the world.
Summary: DUBAI -- With just over one week to go, educationalists from around the region are preparing to converge for the fourth edition of the Global Education Forum (GEF) in Dubai.
I've been talking to schools, councillors and educationalists about this money and people need to take this seriously," he said.
The organizational committee of the Kurultai of Accord announced a call for nomination of delegates by the presidential quote (150 delegates in total) for the Kurultai of Accord out of artists, culture figures, educationalists, health professionals, businessmen, community leaders, representatives of ethnic groups, reported the president's press office.
CHALLENGES abound for educationalists in the North East, but today some of them may find new ways for their schools to meet them.
He goes on with the platitude "although the strategy is called Living and Learning in Newcastle, there is nothing about promoting the value of learning" Isn't that the job of educationalists not housing managers?
The awards are presented annually to educationalists who make a meaningful difference to the student and teaching community.

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