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Saying the Muslim minority was the most educationally backward in the country, he wanted to know why Prime Minister Narendra Modi was silent on this and other major issues like reservations and the ban on meat.
Serving the Los Angeles community for 38 years, the Fulfillment Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities.
The federalisation of schools is going to happen according to the Welsh Government and what we need to do is manage the process and to ensure we have the best headteachers to lead educationally with help from professional managers.
Subsequently, the HRD ministry announced the decision to set up 374 such colleges in ' educationally backward districts' -- where the enrolment ratio is lower than the national average of 12.
It would be educationally sound to have one secondary school on that site - there would be one 1,350 pupil secondary school in an excellent building and next to an excellent college.
This campaign was to create awareness among the Muslims who are educationally backward.
As engagingly entertaining as it is educationally informative, "Ambient Space" is the first of a planted series taken from NASA archives and a welcome addition to any personal, academic, or community library DVD collection.
Many of America's children living in poverty are being left behind educationally because sufficient planning to ensure their well-being and development during early childhood has not taken place.
For 70 years, VFI has been assisting educationally and economically disadvantaged young adults from New York City to gain the skills and tools they need to achieve financial independence through full-time employment.
Introducing the reader to the theoretics and collective knowledge of Jeschke's investigation of the history and worldly understanding of the land and its predetermined value and use, Rethinking Holy Land educationally determines the most favorable and progressive solution for the Holy Lands compromising position.
But because Jacques-Marcoulis understands personally what it takes to thrive educationally under sometimes harsh, inner-city conditions, she makes sure her students know that at the end of the day, there are no excuses for not succeeding.
In 1991 he got an educationally subnormal Dublin girl pregnant.

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