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The 5-day competitions were jointly organized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Punjab University and The Educationist in Punjab University.
Moreover, Batra also feels that while much is being done to nationalise the education system, a central body of educationists is needed to decide matters.
Educationists and scholars at a recently held two-day fourth International Conference on Islamic Education (ICIE) in Lahore said the time has come that education should be transformed to promote civilization and prepare learners who were true Muslims.
On the other extreme are few departments with full-time, dedicated, qualified medical educationists running the entire show.
The Open Eye campaign group, including children's authors Philip Pullman and Michael Morpurgo, educationist Professor Tim Brighouse and sociologist Susie Orbach, is critical of the "highly contentious"
The educationist embrace of life adjustment came not only from the fervor surrounding Prosser's recommendations.
This paper examines educational practice between 1450-1650, highlighting 16th century educationist, Peter Ramus, whose work is remembered in the "History of Western Philosophy" as fostering a "pedagogic marvel.
Strategist Khachigian, instinctively moving to shore up his base, says he plans to make the left-liberalism of the educationist crowd an issue, stressing to the GOP bedrock constituency that "the anti-choice forces are the most anti-Republican people in the state.
Art educationist Mussarat Hassan said Shakir Ali was a role model for students who introduced a wave of change.
Educationist Syed Tahir Ahmed Shah said the concerned authorities should take steps to stop usage of unfair means in the annual examinations to save the future of the students.
Shittu, who said that the leadership qualities of late Adesoye had helped to put the ancient Offa town on the map of Nigeria, added that he was a man of many parts as a pioneer Quantity Surveyor, businessman, philanthropist, industrialist, community leader and educationist.
I request the writers, poets, and the educationist to come forward to rescue the Balti language.

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