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The Lodge will be saved the expense of his education, and that will put the Lodge in a good temper.
The findings are primarily descriptive in nature, and investigated whether special educations teachers preferred Individualized Education Program-based teaching versus a more standard curriculum-based approach.
This study reports the results of a district-wide survey about the nature and use of special education curriculum.
Politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government plan, in a top-down, army-like fashion, the educations of multitudes of students.
Fifty after Milton Friedman first proposed the idea of education vouchers, school choice proposals come in all shapes and sizes.
Inclusion is consistent with multicultural educations, and [with] a world in which many more people have opportunities to know, play, and work with one another," writes Mara Sapon-Shevin, a professor of education at the University of Rochester and an advocate for inclusive education.
As a result of evolving legislation and educational initiatives, today more than 95 percent of students with physical, emotional, learning, cognitive, visual, and hearing disabilities receive some or all of their education in regular classrooms.
Their educations and the desiccated ethics those educations assume are taken as the best our culture has to offer.
WE ARE ACCUSTOMED to reading in essays on the dangers of specialization in education that it separates the specialist from the deeper spiritual and intellectual springs of his cultural tradition.
The statistics from Ministry of Education show that, in 2005, graduates from non-formal adult educations held by national higher education schools reached 3,733,900; graduates from non-formal secondary educations amounted to 67.
Less desirable is the practice of the regular education teacher who submits reports for the regular educations students, while the special education teacher submits reports for classified students.
They have had better undergraduate educations and deeper knowledge of their subject matter and the complex proces s of teaching and learning than any who preceded them,