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The Municipality calls on all community members, especially strategic partners in the public and private sector, to engage actively in the educative and charitable initiatives aimed at giving a helping hand to community segments.
Cela dit, le rapprochement entre la pratique de la recherche et celle de Taction educative nous invite a demeurer vigilants par rapport a nombre d'enjeux et de defis qui en decoulent.
Basil Ibrahim Saad, the Director of Buses at the Public Transport Agency of RTA said the campaign included several educative and health care workshops conducted by DHA and Dubai Police, in the presence of several directors and staff members of the RTA as well as external associates.
In keeping with its strategy of maintaining the appearance of cities, the ADM will continue with its inspection and educative campaigns.
Celle-ci a pour consequence l'accroissement des salaires, et, de ce fait, elle stimule le pouvoir d'achat et donc plus d'investissement dans l'education de ses enfants qui devrait aboutir a plus de qualite educative et plus de productivite.
We use all these activities in particular cases and under specific conditions to educate, because any type of influence is not education, but any type of influence can be transformed into an educative influence.
Educative technology and the theoretical emphasis associated with teaching/learning activities during the twentieth century impacted educational practices in these educational organizations.
I then read those who took offence and responded harshly and finally the concluding letter by Thando and must say that it was informative, a joy to read, educative and, an excellent way of redeeming his/her initial thoughts.
Departing from that, we shall argue that the educative aspect, which encompasses the re-inclusive trio, school-work-family, is based, first, on the fact that school offers to the adolescent in conflict with the law (whom may not had the opportunity to benefit from it) the opportunity to interact with individuals his same age group, under the supervision of someone who has (or should have) lightness of spirit to deal with that phase.
D'un simple magazine ayant pour mission la vulgarisation de la sensibilisation geographique de par le monde, "National Geographic" est devenu la plus grande et plus remarquable institution educative sur le plan scientifique.
A l'automne dernier paraissait chez Diversite urbaine--en partenariat avec le Groupe de recherche Immigration, equite et scolarisation (GRIES)--La reussite educative des eleves issus de l'immigration.
SOHAR: Karuna Sohar conducted a seminar on Communicative English and Career Planning recently as part of their initiative towards educative improvement for the students of grades X, XI and XII of Indian School Sohar.