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For example, the volume's editor, de Armas, educes a number of parallels between Philip and the plays medieval monarch, Sancho IV, in the service of a convincing argument that such analogies amount to a veiled critique of Philip for his amorous libertinage and for his possible complicity in the murder of a critic of his amorous adventuring.
This offering is said to allow the company to lengthen its debt maturities at the same time it: educes its long-term interest costs.
Defending American Jewry against what has become a somewhat commonplace and unjust criticism of Jewish involvement in African American affairs--that the Jews sought to "whiten" or at least Americanize themselves through such involvement--Forman educes the internal, historical, and Judaic logic of the Jewish commitment to black causes only to then once again interrogate Jewish motives, this time from the perspective of Jewish self-exploitation rather than anything directed against blacks.
Benson also suggests, however, that specific examples of independent women Vives educes may have subverted his end (176-77) and notes that Hyrde, Vives' English translator, extended the possibility of openness Vives unwittingly provided (179).
The solution is intended to help Newegg educe risk and legal costs, manage outside counsel to work effectively and efficiently, investigate and respond to disputes, manage compliance, and improve employee productivity.