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More a call to action for the organized accumulation of vital data than a repository of concrete answers, Educing Information begins a laborious process to address that question.
Designed specifically for intelligence professionals, Educing Information has little value in and of itself to Air Force readers unless they have direct responsibility for interrogation operations.
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Does Milton's poetry really depend upon rhetoric rather t han ratiocination, and in Paradise Lost is the artistic sin of rendering God "a bore, possibly a tyrant" (139) not part of a complex and programmatic educing of unpleasant truths about ourselves?
R educing the saturated fat content in your diet is often all that is necessary.
Their Anti-cuts Socialist Coalition, hell-bent on reliving the glorious defeats of the 80s and r educing the city to ruins, received a derisory 1% support from the voters.
New Jersey's Clean Energy Program, established on January 22, 2003 in accordance with the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act (EDECA), provides financial and other incentives to the State's residential customers, businesses and schools that install high-efficiency or renewable energy technologies, thereby reducing energy usage, lowering customers' energy bills and educing environmental impacts.
Though his subject never kept a diary and had no Dorothy to chronicle his daily movements, Jones has succeeded in educing a convincingly real life from the "scanty chronicle of Hazlitt's days.
educing to an absolute minimum the church teachings and beliefs that are to be considered essential to the Catholic faith.
is squeezing processor making and educing slauthterings at factories in the Republic.