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The 2013 Eerie Horror Film Festival will feature even more special guests, bigger prizes and lots o' mayhem
The big story of the week is not the results, or the snow, or three nights of Huge Fish Fights; it's the eerie silence surrounding Asda's Price Guarantee"
It is eerie to find, in the January 1927 issue, an editorial entitled "Armed Intervention in Nicaragua" that denounced the Coolidge invasion because it was "without authority from Congress" and based on a "flimsy pretext.
Dean observed a spooky seance and detected an eerie atmosphere.
In Leaving Atlanta, the sensitive and powerful first novel of 2000 Hurston/Wright competition winner, Tayari Jones, the unspoken terror generated by violence without a face, is an eerie reminder of the new post-9/11 reality for all American children.
When the darkness clears, we're in an eerie, chaotic landscape, like a Sam Fuller war movie crossed with Night of the Living Dead.
Trek through the dunes of Sand Mountain, Nevada, and you might hear eerie "music.
Though Pinker's sprawling inventory of today's science is often compelling, the more interesting thing may be the eerie feeling you get from using your mind to read all this cold detail about, well, your mind.
And what visitor to the high country in the fall has not felt his skin prickle at the eerie sound of a bull elk's mating bugle ricocheting off the ridges?
The clank of old-fashioned bed pans, the thick, harsh sound the breath makes, the eerie sounds of the life support machines that sustain death?
Highgate has recently been restored for visitors and makes an historic and authentically eerie place to spend Halloween.
29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- What began as a local backyard activity created by EERIE PRODUCTIONS is now recognized as a premier haunted attraction; in fact, FRIGHTWORLD has been: