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Whether one is trying to seize political power or to reminisce about youthful indiscretions, sleep can represent either the vulnerable lure of oblivion or the eerier attractions of seizing control over one's circumstances.
I found it eerier and eerier when these people spent considerable time dressing in Star Wars costumes (something I did, I swear it, only at a couple of costume parties), writing their own Luke Skywalker novels, and so on.
The book succeeds best as an artifact: since even the translation is grounded in the early part of the century, Apollinaire's foresight seems eerier, and his shock tactics less quaint, and his self-mythologizing a precursor to modern stardom.
Homo ludens: proeve eerier bepaling van bet spel-element der cultuur.
Leaping across the table at his targeted Julie, Eccleston cuts a mesmerically unbuttoned presence, which makes it that much eerier when his master returns to the house wanting Jean's service and the actor suddenly freezes up.
Burroughs also describes an even eerier experiment, to "record and photograph very friendiy and very unfriendiy faces and words and then alternate them 24 frames per second.
Somehow her face has fallen off and she stands there surveying the scene, as inscrutable as the Mona Lisa but much eerier.
The scenario gets even eerier if a maverick attorney working for the condemnor gets creative and fills the easement document with legalese that the property owner is expected to understand and show agreement with by signing the document.
One of the lowest points in the Western Hemisphere, Badwater is eerier than usual on a cold night with a full moon illuminating Death Valley.
Gevers Deynoot, Herinneringen eerier Reis naar Nederlandsch Indie in 1862 (The Hague: Nijhoff, 1864), p.
On the metacinematic level, the fact that Forever Mery was filmed in Ostia, the actual location of Pasolini's murder, renders the scene eerier still.
Besides the problem of eerier, the meaning of the term hyldo, the only word in the passage bearing at all specifically on the relationship between God and mankind, is somewhat ambiguous: its bearing might be Christian, but it need not.