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The book succeeds best as an artifact: since even the translation is grounded in the early part of the century, Apollinaire's foresight seems eerier, and his shock tactics less quaint, and his self-mythologizing a precursor to modern stardom.
Burroughs also describes an even eerier experiment, to "record and photograph very friendiy and very unfriendiy faces and words and then alternate them 24 frames per second.
Somehow her face has fallen off and she stands there surveying the scene, as inscrutable as the Mona Lisa but much eerier.
The scenario gets even eerier if a maverick attorney working for the condemnor gets creative and fills the easement document with legalese that the property owner is expected to understand and show agreement with by signing the document.
One of the lowest points in the Western Hemisphere, Badwater is eerier than usual on a cold night with a full moon illuminating Death Valley.
On the metacinematic level, the fact that Forever Mery was filmed in Ostia, the actual location of Pasolini's murder, renders the scene eerier still.
But Movile Cave has an eerier history - and a more bizarre array of life.
Eerier than the reports of abuses from foreign lands is my constant recognition of the invisible but deliberately placed buffers that contain our lives here, limiting our possibilities for real grace.