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In act 2, set 32 years later, Ebersole eerily transforms into the Little Edie we know from the movie, with her insane outfits and stream-of-consciousness monologues.
Several are so eerily scenic that they suggest Hollywood FX--especially Fullmoon@Burns Bay, in which a distant waterfall spills into a storybook cove, and Fullmoon@Pacific, in which rocky outcroppings emerge from what appears to be a fog bank but is in fact the moving current, like the surface of a distant planet imagined by Roger Dean.
Initially their emptiness was eerily echoed by the outlines of four bodies chalked onto the floor.
In an eerily plausible scenario, Achilles will begin his war in India and Pakistan.
Though advertising executives don't always correctly predict shifting public tastes, they can be eerily perceptive.
The smooth fabric surface is alternately hermetically opaque during the day and eerily translucent after dark; at night the entire structure glows and pulsates like a giant jellyfish.
Touchstone Pictures: 1998) Eerily reminiscent of Sophie,; Choice this is a ghost story about the ways in which we are haunted by the phantoms of our own past.
Today, Saddam's page on MySpace is eerily devoid of the whimsical photos that adorned his much-visited site including those of him enjoying a raucous keg party, shots of his new tattoo, pics with celebs Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Kato Kaelin of O.
Her ending comment of "I was looking forward to killing him off as soon as I finished the project" is eerily similar to what so many male-to-female transsexuals say and feel about themselves.
Floater, 2004, shows a woman in an isolation tank, her countenance eerily reflected in its bright aqua depths.
Realistic dialogue, characters, and setting make Ludlum's novels eerily real and up to date; this one is no exception.
As Gene Brown points out in his invaluable book Show Time, Champion's next show was to have been the eerily prognosticative Sayonara