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It is this alarming prospect, beginning modestly enough with folksy schemes of Jewish repatriation and building relentlessly to an eery replay of the darkest days of Hitler's Germany, that is the subject of Philip Roth's latest novel, The Plot Against America.
Bless My Child: A Catholic Mother's Prayer Book by Julie Cragon offers mothers a rich variety of prayers for eery occasion.
In an eery coincidence, barely a week before the decision, Kerry was asked by the Oregon Statesman Journal about the federal government's role vis vis Oregon's assisted suicide law.
Lovett of Judith Christen, the touching Johanna of Celena Shafer, the eery Beggar Woman of Sheri Grenawald, and David Cangelosi, who had the difficult task of transforming Tobias from a simple but not unintelligent lad to a complete madman.
I guess being able to be at the bar eery night and then never being late for work.
The style of Dracula is reminiscent of a 1920s silent movie, with an eery modern touch achieved by computer enhanced graphics tinting certain elements such a s Dracula's eyes, the inside of his cape and a vampiress during her death throes in vivid red
Yet what makes Dirt and Desire a particularly important contribution to the mapping of literary geography is the eery way in which these analogies haunt the various chapters without being pursued by Yaeger, who remains steadfast in her commitment to the specificity of Southern women's artistic productions as they relate to the details of American history.
I spend my idle smoke-ending days going through father's papers, cataloguing his extensive collection of cloud-works: Constable's wispy cirrus, shadowy cumuli; Luke Howard's lucid stew of pale broccoli & white linguini; Steiglitz's blacklit silver gelatin jellyfish afloat in a brackish seawracked sky; Man Ray's sepia fumographs & glowing golden urographs; an eery sequence of father's own black lung x-rays, & most extraordinary of all, the originals of Herr Doktor Rauch's smoke-printed paper abstractions used in fumeotherapy on his patients.
Make this costume extra eery by having your child play the spooky music from a tape player that rests on his/her lap or tray under the house.
The eery similarity of Angola's tragedy with that of Sierra Leone is haunting.
Such eery foreshadowing is the stuff of sensational books and movies.
The competence of individual diocesan bishops remains intact; and neither the conference nor its president may act in the name of all the bishops unless each and eery bishop has given his consent.