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The magical colours disappeared by degrees, and the shades of emerald and sapphire were effaced.
But he presently went into his father's room, and the sight there touched him in a way that effaced the slighter impressions of the previous hour.
A rude noise broke on these fine ripplings and whisperings, at once so far away and so clear: a positive tramp, tramp, a metallic clatter, which effaced the soft wave-wanderings; as, in a picture, the solid mass of a crag, or the rough boles of a great oak, drawn in dark and strong on the foreground, efface the aerial distance of azure hill, sunny horizon, and blended clouds where tint melts into tint.
She was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced with the baby at-2 station.
What they see inscribed in their cells is not Foucault's panoptic "God sees you" (xiii, 186), but the haunting faith that the effaced are seen: that a suffering God redeems their stubborn hopes.
The result was a sort of insubstantial and diaphanous architecture of light and shadow, a wall from which materiality had been effaced and the idea of load-bearing voided.
In His divinity, Jesus has effaced all of humanity's offences, those of ancestors, those of every day, and also our own, those hidden or denied.
of [that] colonial and patriarchal domination" whereby "'India' is simultaneously constituted and effaced as object" (24).