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The rootlessness of Powers' characters is precisely the point, and the role of America's wars in the final effacement of any sense of home is driven home by the fact that Murph winds up with his face physically annihilated by the enemy.
That, too becomes increasingly vulnerable to strategies of effacement due to existing political greed, persecution and growing global consumer norms.
CT scan brain was done which showed oedema in bilateral cerebral convexities and posterior fossa with effacement of basal cisterns and compression of the fourth ventricle.
This comes amid an increasing phenomenon observed by the traffic department in the effacement of vehicle registration plate numbers, during the last period, especially by travelers, who obscure and conceal their license plate numbers in order to avoid being captured by "Saher" system.
Email offers a sophisticated argument about the manufacture of presence through an effacement of the technical characteristics of the medium in a way that doesn't get lost in the metaphysical.
Instead of pursuing the increasing austerities of Abstract Expressionism, Wilson applied its techniques of effacement and consequent expansion to references from the natural world in paintings which intriguingly present the fullness of nature as in impressionism while also presenting the distance, or otherness, of nature, as abstract expressionism holds itself apart.
In response to these stimuli and according to the developmental state at the time of the injury, podocytes may react in different ways: (1) they can modify their phenotype and undergo foot process effacement, a phenomenon that is not associated with alteration of the number of podocytes per glomerulus; (2) they can undergo apoptosis, an event that may occur as result of intrinsic or extrinsic damage; (3) under certain circumstances, podocytes may undergo developmental arrest and resemble immature precursors, a phenomenon generally accompanied by mild proliferative activity; and (4) adult podocytes can dedifferentiate and reenter the cell cycle to actively proliferate and, under specific circumstances, express a dysregulated phenotype.
Rahman finds that their approach to "home" comes from textual versions of heritage that have become historical, which include significant elements of dispossession and effacement that become sharper given nationalist and religious readings of the texts.
In the otherwise excellent article "Self Effacement in the Bible" (Vol.
In addressing these matters, Fudge aims, more broadly, "to challenge the silent effacement of the animal" in early modern studies (5), an effacement she presents as endemic to contemporary scholarship: "Part of our sense making is to maintain a notion of natural order .
coli (EPEC), classically associated with outbreaks of infant diarrhea, harbors distinctive chromosomal (the locus of enterocyte effacement, or LEE island) and plasmidborne (residing on the EPEC adherence factor, or EAF, plasmid) virulence factors, which are linked by common gene regulators (1).
Simon's investigation were at 36 weeks' gestation or later, and the outcomes were stratified by the length of the patient's latent phase of labor, which started with the initiation of oxytocin and the performance of an amniotomy and ended either with a cervical dilation of 4 cm with 80% effacement or with a 5-cm dilation with less effacement.