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Yet in the book's title poem, as he describes a young crack addict on the subway who is itching himself convulsively, Doty seems to become suddenly disgusted with the way poetic language effaces the boy's pitiful reality: "Moth, plum--hear how the imagery aestheticizes?
In the case of The Tempest, the imposition of a colonialist "frame" effaces a large field of pertinent early modern discourse to which, Schneider contends, the play is tethered - discourse which is rooted in such classical moralists as Aristotle, Cicero, and Seneca, whose centrality to English Renaissance thought Schneider cogently demonstrates.
In the search for textual and sexual certainty, Scudamour effaces the emotional complexity allowed for in Book III (and the 1590 ending) by inscribing it within his own limited and limiting narrative desire.
The most diaphanous-seeming gray or yellow, crossing over an opaque red or dense orange, effaces it completely.