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As expected of both EPEC and EHEC, both strains are capable of attaching and effacing as demonstrated by using the fluorescence actin staining test.
Histologically, the characteristic finding is the presence of uniform neoplastic lymphoid follicles packed closely together (figure, A), usually effacing the nodal architecture and often extending out into the extranodal fat (figure, B).
On the one hand, he denies that A View is a founding document of racism; nevertheless, he contends, Spenser really aims at something perhaps more destructive of the Irish: effacing their ethnic identity.
It activates genes that produce acid-resistance proteins, and it keeps a firm lock on the attaching and effacing genes that will go to work in the intestine.
In contrast to Hannah Arendt and Asher Ginzburg, Magnus concludes that emancipation did not come at the expense of effacing cultural identity.
Budget woes have prompted a recommendation that funding for North Carolina's drug court programs be eliminated or sharply curtailed, Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly reported in June, According to Join Together Online, the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) proposed slashing $11 million from its $305 million budget, including effacing the $1.
Good design is endlessly self effacing," Tufte said.
Mark Knopfler, a self effacing composer, singer and guitarist
The "white man" defines his actions abroad as portending "the Light of Day," while effacing society's hypocritical treatment of minorities at home.
The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has proposed slashing $11 million from its $305 million budget, including effacing the $1.
If certain photographs are the basis for collective memory, can effacing these images free us from the grasp of history?
Eggert traces the conjunction of female authority and poetic "ravishment" through Spenser's Faerie Queene, reading the dramatic shift in genre between fantastical romance and historical allegory in Book V as Spenser's strategy for effacing the female authority constitutive of the experimental poetic fantasy in which his poem indulges beginning in Book III.