effect an agreement

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He underlined the importance of putting into effect an agreement reached between the two countries to fight illegal immigration.
This offer will hardly be sufficient by itself to effect an agreement, but it may be one critical part of the puzzle.
Asked about redundancies, he recalled that there is in effect an agreement for 390 staff to leave, and this will be fully implemented in September.
3111(c) (for the employer portion of FICA) provide exemptions for wages received by or paid to an individual during any period in which there is in effect an agreement that those wages are subject exclusively to the laws applicable to the social security system of the foreign country.
Rae penned an 18-month deal at Pittodrie yesterday after bringing into effect an agreement with Dee boss Smith that allowed him a free transfer to an SPL club.
In effect an agreement - purely for 2007 - was thrashed out on Friday, the day Staunton was appointed to his new position, and will generate over EUR6m for the GAA - around EUR1.
The move is supported by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who pledged to put into effect an agreement that was signed by the U.