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Deciding which covariates would be effect modifiers based on the differences in trial results requires a careful analysis by first generating a potential list of potential effect modifiers for the treatments in question based on prior knowledge from literature.
2] and cause-specific mortality, investigating individual sociodemographic features and chronic/acute medical conditions as potential effect modifiers.
KEY WORDS: cause of death, cold, effect modifiers (epidemiology), heat, mortality, temperature, weather.
The remaining effect modification patterns were not so clear, with lines crossing over the range of the relevant effect modifier.
For environmental health scientists interested in pursuing health effects research that incorporates genetic effect modifiers, we describe a framework for an investigation that includes polymorphisms.
The possibility that this explains our results is reduced by our failure to find previous hospital admission for COPD was an effect modifier for the effect of particles on cardiovascular admissions.
We collected a complete set of baseline data, information on confounders, and effect modifiers for 581 individuals (93% of all people who were invited to participate in the study).
The specific factors that dictate how an individual will respond to an environmental exposure are called effect modifiers.
In many cases, the presentation of risk estimates in a comprehensive table (for example, see Bell and Dominici 2008, their Table 5) that account for alternate model specifications and effect modifiers will provide the details necessary to inform a risk assessment.
1233) studied individual sociodemographic features and chronic or acute medical conditions as potential effect modifiers of the association between ([NO.
Sensitivity analysis was conducted on glutathione 5-transferase Ml (GSTM1) genotype, body mass index, and glycosylated hemoglobin Ale (HbAlc) levels to determine their role as effect modifiers.
From another vantage point, these presumably external factors represent not simply con-founders, but what in epidemiology are called effect modifiers.