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Although the activation of ERK1/2 known as an effecter of mAChRs, is usually considered to promote neuronal cell survival or memory preservation [15, 23-26], there are still some evidences implicating the opposite effects [27-31].
The primary course of high triglycerides includes familial hyper cholesterolemia and secondary effecter can arise due to carbohydrate, alcohol and diabetes induced high triglycerides, obesity, chronic renal failure nephritic syndrome, excessive stress etc (9).
In such a scheme, the end effecter is positioned by finding the difference between the desired quantities and the actual ones expressed in the joint space.
For example, you can use this approach to examine how much the rotating transmission compliance will reduce the positioning accuracy of the end effecter or how much the machine will vibrate on its mounts.
Alex La Guma was born in 1925 in a South Africa where the National Party was consolidating itself into the edifice that in 1948 would become the institutional symbol and draconian effecter of the reprehensible racial policy of Apartheid.