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suspended from membership in the AICPA and the Illinois CPA Society for one year, effective Oct.
898) during the 48-month period following the first day of the first tax year for which such revocation is effective.
These results suggest that using on-line instruction sources, as supplements or in conjunction with other methods of instruction, would be the most effective approach to teaching and learning.
The Institute is preparing comments on the revised rules, but wanted to voice our concerns about the effective date of the regulations immediately.
For drugs with narrow therapeutic windows, standardized mandatory drug level (or therapeutic endpoint) testing with pharmacy review of the results is an effective safety measure.
In another organization, the importance of being an effective communicator was examined by assessing the influence of communication skills on the overall performance evaluation.
In time, SMS became an effective policy engine for managing storage resources and required users to get to know their data and to better understand its value enabling businesses to have access to the right data at the right place at the right time.
In McLeod, the insured had been receiving medical care for various ailments prior to the effective date of coverage, including a consultation with her physician for arm numbness on Feb.
An effective batch cleaning process will eliminate an important quantity of the contaminants.
The Board and the FTC also jointly proposed rules establishing a schedule of effective dates for other provisions of the FACT Act that do not contain effective dates.