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Rehab Brief: Bringing Research into Effective Focus, 11, (10), 1-4.
It considers how and why cultural significance is assessed and how it can be used as an effective focus and driver for management strategies and processes.
the conference allows no vendor sales pitches) and effective focus (only airport staff; government employees; and architects, engineers and consultants serving airports qualify to attend) was well received by the 2007 attendees (their comments at http://www.
At the same time, management can determine an optimal portfolio of buffers (capacity, inventory and time) to employ for fastest, most effective focus and deployment of efforts.
We believe that the net result of these decisions will be a stronger operation and a more effective focus on what we do best: preparing students for careers they are passionate about through our high-quality boutique schools, our gold-standard brands, and our flexible, student-centered product offerings.
The company commented that it has seen robust growth during the quarter due to its effective focus on offering a broad array of services.
I believe a consistent and effective focus on these key priorities is responsible in large part for the stronger sales we are seeing across the company.
Tech Data's success with Fujitsu storage products in 2001 is a result of an aggressive and effective focus on the small and medium-sized business and large system builder segment coupled with Fujitsu's ability to develop and quickly bring to market leading-edge enterprise HDD technology including 10K RPM, 15K RPM, SCSI & Fibre Channel hard drives.

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