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The final section addresses getting ready for the day of performance and strategies for enhancing effective focus, minimizing potential adverse effects of negative thinking or aversive emotions, using empowered thinking, thriving emotionally, and shifting one's motivational orientation prior to and during competition, ending with a chapter on developing a plan and choosing what to do to prepare psychologically.
Of course, we're pretty sure the RTA and Dubai Taxi Corporation have put together at least an effective focus group that showed this was a good idea.
We believe that value for the health care organization is driven through an effective focus on the people, process and technology considerations.
The effective focus and juxtaposition of both the intellectual and the physical realisation of the museum in the period in question is one of the greatest strengths of the work.
It noted the "safe and secure environment" in which senior managers had a "clear and effective focus on raising standards", effectively supported by governors.
A simple yet highly effective focus tool for personal devotion.
Economic prosperity will be driven by organisations with an effective focus on delivery and client satisfaction.

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