effective help

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As it was, she listened expectantly, quite sure that there would be some effective help in his words.
The UAE has a notable record of giving effective help and making sure that the aid goes directly to where it is needed.
Timely and effective help is a hallmark of Motorway Police and its standard must be maintained at all cost, he added.
With no effective help from the police forthcoming, Geeta decided to knock the gates of the judiciary.
Dedicated women's worker Sian, 25, has provided safe and effective help to victims living in fear and danger for the past two years.
their quick and effective help will be forever be embedded in our memories.
A few might need sanctions, but most just need more effective help.
It is hard to shake the feeling there needs to be more robust action - and effective help - directed at Holmes.
That figure is more conservative than the one from the CDC, but the WHO report also noted that many cases were unreported and said that without effective help, the three most affected countries would soon be reporting thousands of cases and deaths per week.
Also last month, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a phone talk with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for cooperation and immediate efforts by Islamic countries to render effective help and assistance to the people in Gaza, stop the Zionist regime's attacks and remove the siege of the enclave.
For some people, deciding to stop can be more difficult than actually quitting, so it's important for smokers to know there is effective help available.
But they cannot succeed without effective help - and they'll get even less next time.

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