effective rejoinder

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While the five works in this exhibition were not conceived specifically for Vienna, they together formed an effective rejoinder to the city's famous "Wienerlieder," its folk songs in local dialect, which so often deal with death, with the desire to allay the terror of the ultimate end.
Zackie Achmat, an HIV-positive leader of the Treatment Action Campaign who risked jail to bring generics into South Africa in a challenge to his own government, provided an effective rejoinder. Asked on the conference's last day about the "America bashing" that had taken place, he replied, "America-bashing?
The feminists have an effective rejoinder to the ready-made polemics of professional anti-feminists: Look at the reasons, they say, that women continue to "choose" to stay at home.
Brown's acknowledgment of this dilemma rebukes claims of an authentic blackness above the fray in the name of accurately recognizing the terms of struggle without which, Brown hints, there's no possibility of effective rejoinder. There are no names apart, no selves outside the regimes of representation that box in black folk.
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