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With a record year for entries and an exciting shortlist just released that features some really outstanding work, we very much look forward to welcoming the industry to the festival and awards later this month where topical issues will be discussed and the winners epitomising great effective brand marketing will be revealed," says Myriam Coupard, Festival Director of the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Festival.
Although an indirect measure, it's a helpful gauge of how true our rhetoric is about educational effectiveness.
Students' cultural orientations, however, are hypothesized as not related to the effectiveness of collaborative learning.
TEI's committees and staff will enhance the organization's coverage of and effectiveness on tax, financial accounting, and corporate governance issues affecting the Institute's membership.
Some of the more harrowing challenges include measuring the effectiveness of internal and external auditors; ensuring a corporate code of ethics; appointing qualified and independent committee members; ensuring the integrity of financial statements; and providing for effective feedback from stakeholders.
These steps are defining the project plan and key milestones, building a structure to assess the controls, obtaining input on the design of company-level controls, documenting and assessing the controls, testing their effectiveness, and engaging in gap remediation and continuous improvement.
tuberculosis, we found that campaigns that used preexposure vaccines had substantially greater effectiveness than campaigns that used postexposure vaccines (Figure 3A).
Find the relationships between cooling means parameters--the effectiveness of the number of attached fins of contact surface area and volume of a chill;
Organizations with high communication effectiveness leverage the employee/manager relationship to enhance formal communication processes.
In conclusion," they say, "the application of imperfect methods to imperfect data has commonly resulted in inconsistent and otherwise insufficient evidence with which to determine the effectiveness of firearms laws.
Another key provision of Sarbanes-Oxley is in Section 404, which requires the SEC to adopt rules requiring management to make an annual assessment of the effectiveness of its internal controls and to include a statement by management of the effectiveness of the company's internal controls in its annual filing.
CPSC Chairman Harold Stratton said he voted to deny the petition "after having considered several factors including the Commission's authority under the CPSA to promulgate such a rule, the broad and indefinite scope of the petition, the likely costs associated with product registration cards, the potential effectiveness of the proposed rule on recalls, and the need to consider product registration cards within the broader context of recall effectiveness.