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Desta forma, varios estudos empiricos sugerem que os empreendedores usam elementos nao preditivos nos processos de construcao de novas empresas, ou seja, os empreendedores se comportam estrategicamente sob uma logica effectual (WILTBANK et al, 2006).
The caused-motion construction requires a verbal predicate that expresses an effectual action.
On the other hand, effectual processes are consistent with emergent (Mintzberg, 1978) or nonpredictive strategies (Wiltbank, Dew, Read, and Sarasvathy, 2006).
This study previous have shown that endurance physical activities have been effectual in reducing body fat percent.
Commenting on the meeting proceedings, Chairman/CEO of Jordinvest, Mr Ahmad Tantash said, "We, at Jordinvest are advocates of effectual corporate governance and are firm believers that it is imperative for maintaining our clients' and the general public's confidence.
Mick Puzey's charge, a finalist in both the Circuit and Arc last year before going on to win the six-bend Grand Prix, showed he remains effectual over four bends when defeating the useful Kitcar Silo by almost three lengths in a 480-metre trial spin.
Unlike the left, we believe that "to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace," as George Washington succinctly put it.
Original, effectual and occasionally infuriating, Nabokov's poetry, short fiction and novels in Russian and English redefined his world for almost 65 years.
The use of stewards is not effectual, and I have already been endangered by cars streaking through the park..
Monson provides levity with a wry wit and incredibly poetic, effectual prose style.
Following the 19th century social critic, John Ruskin, I split value into two concepts--intrinsic value and effectual value.
I have no greater joy than to serve you in the most effectual way.