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Endress+Hauser is driving IIoT forward through innovative products and solutions as well as by working effectually with partners, says Prasanth Sreekumar, head of Marketing -- ME region.
Hence, the present paper was planned with the objective to estimate curve parameters of different non-linear models with the aim of effectually defining growth of the Thalli sheep.
Once one lit before him and the livid lightning of the explosion effectually barred the way in his chosen direction.
The CIO Council aspires to promote a bright and prosperous future for the United States through the strategic use of Federal IT It seeks to drive efficiency and effectiveness across Government, spurring innovation, protecting and defending the resources and more effectually bringing Government services to the American People.
140 (DEFENSES) The committee proposes amending subdivisions (a)(3), (a)(4), and (e) to effectually change the concept of the rule to be based on when the "filing" of the court's order occurs, as opposed to when "notice" occurs.
In this adventure-packed novel set on Mars in 1816, the author effectually blends reality and fantasy.
Instead, they represent Adam Smith's "invisible hand," whose operation, as Smith explained in The Wealth of Nations, "frequently promotes [the interest] of society more effectually than when [the altruistic individual] really intends to promote it" ([Chicago: University of Chicago Press, (1776) 1976], pp.
There is such a thing as taking too minute and morbid care of the health, and, therefore, losing it as effectually as by taking no care at all.
Second we performed experiment with different pose a special feature of this face detection is that the eyes are little bit closed and light is low as com- pared to previous experiment but we can see how effectually our algorithm detect the face .
The editors maintain that with the linguistic, cultural, and global turn the field took, it became turned around without consistent goals and common methods, effectually transforming intellectual historians into masons at the Tower of Babble.
In both cases, the incumbent leaders effectually ramped up public fears that if they were not re-elected their countries would fall into the hands of callow ideologues bent on placating menacing minorities.
Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has given local authorities a 10-day deadline to effectually combat human trafficking in the Thai-Malaysian border area and bring those allegedly held responsible for the deaths of the Rohingyas and other human trafficking suspects to justice.