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Political poetry does effectuate, but most often, this effect is to entrench the status quo.
Proceeds of the loan were used to effectuate a discounted pay-off of the existing senior mortgage from a third-party lender.
Since preferred stock is a common form of currency used to effectuate corporate mergers and acquisitions, we recommend that regulations be provided sooner rather than later.
as in the judgment of the Board are necessary or proper to effectuate the purposes of this title, [or] to prevent circumvention or evasion thereof .
In a regulatory filing, Helios and Matheson said that "Pursuant to Section 253 of the Delaware General Corporation Law, so long as Helios owns shares representing at least 90% of each class of stock of MoviePass entitled to vote, Helios will have the right to effectuate a merger of MoviePass with Helios without a vote of the board of directors or stockholders of MoviePass.
These reports show that after selecting a plan on the Exchanges during open season which ended January 31, 2017, less than two months later nearly 2 million people had not paid their insurance premium to effectuate and maintain their health coverage.
Experts say that while The Blackstone Group's $36 billion purchase of Equity Office Properties in November seemed like an eye popping price to pay, the private equity giant will likely be able to effectuate an arbitrage by dismantling and selling off the portfolio piecemeal at a profit over the next few months.
The commitment letter specified that the loans would be made to a Schneider subsidiary organized to effectuate the acquisition.
We believe that adoption of the "fresh start" approach will enable the IRS to effectuate Congress's instruction that the IRS adopt "comprehensive crediting procedures." The Institute will be providing its comments to Tom for incorporation into his memorandum and may well submit independent comments within the next several weeks.
The Company plans to seek stockholder approval to amend the Company's Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation to effectuate a reverse stock split to meet the minimum bid price requirement at the Company's 2018 Annual Stockholders' Meeting to be held on May 3.
The loan will be comprised of approximately $54 million of refinance proceeds plus a $10 million "good news" facility, which will be used to provide additional capital to help effectuate the as-of-right relocation of the below-market tenant and to retenant the space.
6015 to expand access to innocent spouse relief, the statute "should be construed liberally to effectuate its remedial purpose."