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Meanwhile, effectuation process helps young entrepreneurs start a business according to the initial capital owned, instead of market opportunities.
Our main objective in this paper is to examine networking under uncertainty during the internationalization process by integrating the Uppsala model of internationalization (Johanson and Vahlne 2009) with effectuation (Sarasvathy 2001, 2008).
Firstly, even though effectuation has presented a paradigm shift in understanding the entrepreneurial decision-making logic, until recently there have been only a few studies to empirically test the effectual logic (Perry et al.
Although not all of these results are uniquely predicted by our effectuation-based framework, these results nevertheless make good sense from an effectuation perspective.
8220;These resources may include a package of consulting on effectuation, including onsite visits, coaching calls, and additional funds to support the efforts of a select group of grantees that submit revised plans that demonstrate strong potential for significant impact.
In the third paper, Saras Sarasvathy, the originator of the effectuation approach, and her colleagues, K Kumar, Jeffrey York, and Suresh Bhagavatula, offer insightful observations about IE research using the theoretical lens of effectuation.
Effectuation, definida por Sarasvathy (2001a, 2001b), e uma logica que consiste em tomar decisoes a partir de escolhas entre os efeitos que podem ser produzidos de um dado conjunto de meios, eliminando, consequentemente, a premissa de objetivos pre-existentes.
The launch of the office follows Sunday's full-fledged effectuation of a nuclear decontamination law which was partially enacted last August.
The rationale of effectuation is that to the extent to which we can control the future, we don't have to predict it.
Causation and effectuation are two approaches that entrepreneurs use in the new venture development process (Sarasvathy, 2001).
Ahmed Djoghlaf sounded optimistic about the protocol's early effectuation.
Whether by means of rules or by conceptual spacings, Kant is understood by Lyotard to be striving to contribute to the effectuation of the politico-historical, an effectuation in the form of an understanding of the 'enlightened' role of the philosopher and the delineation of a common public space of discourse.